Not only have you been accepted into the most progressive and positive company in the world, you also have become a vital member of one of the fastest growing and most dynamic units in Mary Kay! And the reason we keep getting better is because we select quality women like you to join our team.

     As your Director, I’m your business adviser. However, you will set your own goals. Your recruiter and I will be here to help you reach them. We will teach you, guide you and motivate you. We will not take credit for all the success you’ll achieve because the bottom line is this – you are the one who is going to study and schedule appointments. You’re the one who will get out the door to hold those appointments and attend unit meetings and special functions. This is you business!! Your success will be yours because you’ll decide what you want, and you’ll discipline yourself to reach it. You’re on your own but never alone!

     As a new Consultant, I encourage you to treat this business as if you were going to college. Be patient with yourself. You will not learn everything overnight! Commit yourself to a certain number of hours per week to go to “Mary Kay School”, including weekly unit meetings and your own appointments. You’ll want to commit yourself to at least one full year of consistency in your business to allow it and you to grow!

     There is not a magical mystical secret to success in Mary Kay. Success is often a “fail forward” experience. It’s getting a handle on who you are and what you want, disciplining yourself to work toward that goal using good time management – a balance of faith, family and career – and proper money management.

     It’s understanding that 80 percent of our time is spent asking people to pamper themselves with a facial and invite friends to join them. Or looking over our marketing plan and deciding if this opportunity is right for them. It’s making them feel special! It’s always working with the Golden Rule.

     It’s learning to listen. It’s finding a need and filling it. It’s realizing that 99 percent of this career is attitude – a positive “I can do it” attitude. It’s understanding that maintaining a positive attitude is a daily battle, a choice we consciously make every day. Look at your showcase. Five years from now, what do you want for yourself? For your family? If you try to do all that we are going to teach you, you can achieve all of your dreams and more. It’s all in your showcase. The key? Well, that’s in you!

     Thank you for saying yes to this opportunity, for saying yes to you! If you need to contact me I can be reached at my home office (215) 699-5661 or Fax (215) 699-8573. I’m truly looking forward to getting to know you better and assisting you in your wonderful and exciting climb up Mary Kay’s ladder of success! 
P.S. Your unit number is B555!

Love and Belief,

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     You made the decision to start your business by purchasing your starter kit. Now, you will decide how you want to run your business. Please watch the video below in your first 24 hours. Please contact me when you have watched the video below so that we may discuss your options.
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   I am so excited you are in my unit! My job, as your director, is to teach you how to do two things: how to be an amazing seller of this product and how to be an awesome team builder in this company. I want you to pick 10 fun, sharp women who would be willing to help you with your “pearls training,” and more importantly, who you would LOVE to work with. Here are the prizes you will earn through your Pearls of Sharing training:
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3 Interviews = Pearl Earrings,     3 More Interviews = Pearl Bracelet,
First Qualified Team Member = Pearl Necklace