Alyssa Jayne I-Story
Hey! This is Alyssa Jayne!! I have been building my Mary Kay business for about 8 months now and loving every minute of it! I never imaged that I would have so many positive people in my life supporting my dreams and big goals! When I think about the 3 best decisions I ever made, they rank like this: deciding to truly follow Jesus as a teenager, getting married to my amazing supportive husband, and starting my Mary Kay business. For the first time in my life I feel like I have purpose. I feel like I know why I'm here and how I can make a difference!
As for my personal life, I have my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology which helps me pick up on the "Why's" of the women I meet. I have two amazing younger sisters, parents, and so many people who support my dreams and my business. My mom recently told me how nervous she was when I started Mary Kay. Recently, she told me how unbelievably impressed and proud she was of me of what I have accomplished and how many people I've touched. I know I'm doing the right thing.
In October of 2014 I married my husband Stephen. He is so patient, forgiving, selfless, and supportive. He is starting to really see what my business can do for us. He asks me where I'm at with my goals, and pushes me to reach them. Having his support is huge for me and I want to make him proud. We both have a lot of student debt, as we met at a private college ($$$). One of my biggest goals is to be debt free!!
Currently, I work 40 hours a week as a licensed producer and the Account Manager for a local Nationwide agency. To be truthful, I have no passion for insurance. I aspire so deeply to be a mommy. A huge goal for me is to leave my full time job, and raise my future children. My mom was home with my sisters and I growing up and I have a very close relationship with my mom because of that. I want to have that with my children and support my family with my Mary Kay business.
My next big goal is DIQ! I'm ready to take the next steps to make my dreams a reality!

Victoria Vargo I-Story
I started my Mary Kay Journey October of 1994, almost 22 years ago. I was a single mom of 2 sons that were 7 and 3. I had moved back home with my parents after leaving an unhealthy marriage in which I dealt with addictions and insecurities for 7 years. I was working a full-time and part-time job to be able to support my family when I was introduced to Mary Kay thru a Bridal Fair where I was modeling the wedding gowns and Mary Kay was doing the make-up. It was a short time later that I decided to start my Mary Kay journey. Over the years as I continued to work FT, I would also work my business as a hobby at first, sometimes PT and sometimes not at all. I knew I wanted something more but just couldn't figure out how I would balance it all and my self-confidence was not where it should have been. I felt I was too busy running with my children around my work schedules to fit anything else in. My parents were an added benefit that enabled the boys to grow up in a pretty good atmosphere.

It wasn't until this last year, that I knew that I needed to make a change. I had been listening to the Million $ Message and Kali DeBlander Brigham was talking about making a decision and following it up with the Action, something I had heard many times from my Director, Kellee Valerio. In my head, I felt that I had made the decision but I never followed it up with the Action. Well, now was the time and something "Clicked" that this was it. My sons were cheering me on to submit for DIQ on Jan. 1st as I had done for them many times! 

Well, out of my Mary Kay Starter Kit came my college degree, a high school diploma from a private Boy's High School in Va for one of my sons, College expenses for both sons, travel, a son who is chasing his Dreams of playing NFL Football, a son is who a recovering addict who is working toward his college degree but just as importantly was my Mary Kay Family and Girlfriends that were there for me over the years, when I moved to Long Island, NY and lost my Mom in the same month, my girlfriends that are here in Pa that I call family and supported me when we lost my brother 2 years ago. My MK Family that cheered us on to Directorship!!

So, today, know that it doesn't matter when you get there, just do the work and you will reach your Dreams. Know that yes, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and take God as your partner. He has been preparing me for this next phase in my MK journey. I needed this WIN to give Me the Sense of Accomplishment that I needed. As a Director, I want to be able to help Women Design the Life They Want!!


Sarah Poague I-Story
My journey to Sales Director how much time do I have? Just kidding :) Well,I began using Mary Kay at age 16 and the fabulous products were the only things that cleared up the acne on my skin! I was hooked! Even at that young age I knew the Mary Kay opportunity was something special that I wanted to pursue down the road!
Fast forward a few years to the end of my time in college! As a performer, Mary Kay was the perfect thing for me in between performance gigs. I always knew it could be something amazing and there was endless potential but I never believed it could be me!
Fast forward one more time to December 2014, 2 months after the birth of my dear sweet daughter! I had been thinking so much about the Mary Kay opportunity. I always wanted it but I had believed for so long that I could never do it. Our beloved Mary Kay was right on when she said, "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." She also told us to not limit ourselves and what we believe we can achieve. As I was processing all of this, my phone rings. Megan Kalbach, my Sales Director. Right then I knew! It was time to leave the stinking thinking behind, claim my dream, and make it my reality!!
As Megan always says, "It doesn't take a lifetime, it just takes a decision!" I made the decision and I started believing that I could do it. I could be successful. My dreams could come true! Was it always easy? No! But I kept going and I kept believing that I could get where I wanted to go!
It is my honor and privilege to bless women with Mary Kay's amazing products and life changing opportunity! It is my honor, privilege, and blessing to know and lead the strong, amazing, POWERFUL women in my unit! It is my hearts desire to help them to grow their own Mary Kay businesses and make their dreams come true! Let's shine on Power Players and paint the world pink!!
Lacie Henninger I-Story
Hello, my name is Lacie Henninger and I never ever thought I'd be where I am right now, but I love it! For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. After being involved in the teaching world for a while, I realized the politics were not for me. I had been working at a restaurant part-time and relocated from Erie, PA to the Lehigh Valley Area. I liked the fast-paced, customer service aspect of the restaurant, so I moved into a manager position.
While managing, one of my co-workers invited me to a spa pampering event, so I excitedly told her I'd go. This was the first time I met Caitlin and my first peek into Mary Kay! I was not one to do something so different in front of a lot of strangers, but everyone was so welcoming and fun. I had such a blast, I went back for a makeover event and then met Kellee. I had no idea who those women were in the MK world, but I was so inspired by them and all the positivity around me. I approached Caitlin and did something very out of the ordinary for me. I took a leap of faith and signed up on the spot. I saw it as an opportunity to get the great products that I had tried at a discount, but there was something in the back of my mind telling me there was something else.
I would love to say I got my starter kit and hit the ground running. However, life happened and it was not until about nine months later that my starter kit became a big part of my life. I started going to weekly meetings and held my first appointments. All of the support I received from all of the women around was unbelievable (not to mention amazing prizes). I really wished I had started sooner! After working my business more, I realized it wasn't just make-up and skin care, it was something I couldn't do without. It made me very happy and I saw the potential to pursue my teaching passion again, only this time with other women.
I am now proud to say that I am no longer in the restaurant life and living a life full of encouragement to do amazing "work" that leads to even bigger dreams. I not only have a desire to do this for myself but for my future family. I have a wonderful supportive boyfriend, Brett, who has stuck by my side through every goal. I not only want to make him proud, but build a life for our future family. I also want to inspire other women to have the belief and courage in themselves to build the lives they desire. So, my next big goal in my business is to become a director. This will be the next big step to greater things and to just believe. To believe in the faith that God has given for myself and all of the powerful-minded women that will be put in my path. Thank you.
Cayla Miller I-Story
Hi There! My name is Cayla Miller, and I've been married to my awesome husband Thomas for just over 1 year. We have a beautiful bouncing baby girl named Aubrey who turns 1 in November. My Mary Kay journey started when I was just doing a favor for a friend. Chandra was doing a challenge and needed some orders, so I happily obliged. We ended up getting pregnant with our daughter and that's when my life changed. I moved to the Eastern Shore, I had to quit my job, and my husband was the only one bringing in any income. After my daughter was born I decided to go back to work. Well, its tough out there and no matter how many interviews I went on I still couldn't find anything that would get me back into the working force that could provide the hours I needed to be at home with my new baby. So I started looking around for direct sales companies. I found one that I had recently purchased products from and bought my starter kit. However, no matter how much energy I was putting into it I wasn't getting really anything from it. Then once again Chandra found me, and told me that even if I wasn't interested in Mary Kay to listen to this call for her. I would do anything for this wonderful lady. I listened and a few days later I joined her team. I built my team in only 3 months of being here, my short goals were reached quickly, now on to the big ones! Mary Kay has given me so much more in return than I even thought possible. I can't wait to see where I am this time next year! Definitely in my new Chevy Cruze!

Nicole Sacks I-Story
My name is Nicole Sacks I have been a beauty consultant for eight years now and I just got married this year. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Human Services and I have experience working with both individuals with developmental disabilities as well as people recovering from traumatic brain injuries. After getting my Bachelor's Degree May of 2015 I took my first paid full-time J-O-B in August of 2015. In August I also started on a Master's Degree Program through the University of Southern California. I am working on obtaining my Master's in Social Work but the program is virtual so the flexibility makes it a bit easier for me. I was introduced to Mary Kay by my mother who had a consultant when I was a teenager over ten years ago. The skincare and makeup I have grown up on and have not used anything but Mary Kay. What impressed me about the MK opportunity was the discount and the girlfriend time! I am glad I started my Mary Kay business because it has given me more self-confidence and also has given me a great support system over the years. The women in Mary Kay are happy when you succeed and they have goals. Positive people around you brings out the positive in you I believe!
Rachel Reese I-Story
My journey began on Valentine's Day 2015. I was working for my parents at their kitchen store in Lititz and I was not at all happy about working on Valentine's Day. I wanted to spend the day with my husband, Rob. But then Sarah Poague walked in, gave me a flower, had me fill out a skincare survey and changed my life forever. At the time I never saw myself as a salesperson. I was shy and couldn't even imagine giving a facial to someone I knew let alone strangers, but I loved the products and I was inspired by Sarah's positive energy! So I finally took a leap of faith and signed my beauty agreement in June 2015. Since then my self esteem has grown and I have become more confident than I ever thought possible! I now have a positive and full life and I can't wait to grow my team and share this opportunity with more women! Its time for me to step into my purpose and be the woman that God created me to be!

Valerie Fekelman I-Story
I am an accounts receivables manager at an elite executive consulting firm. Within the past year I realized how I am making others dreams come true instead of my own. Not to mention, I paid to have my children via IVF and right now I pay for someone else to watch girls. After that realization I decided to join Mary Kay. After all, this is a platform where I can make my dreams come true.
My ultimate goal is to be a National Sales Director. I have my unit name already picked out along with the bible verse! I want to retire my husband, be home for my three beautiful daughters while earning an executive income. I want the financial stability in being able to support the family, pay for my daughters education, get my husband the Escalade he has always dreamed about and travel the world with my family. My next big goal is D.I.Q.
What I love about Mary Kay is the freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to advance the career path. I love how I can put God first, family second and career third. The friends I have made in the past 2 months have made a major impact in my life. Most of all I love having Caitlin as my director. Being under her leadership I know magic is going to happen. I am supper pumped to see where God brings my business next, our unit and the entire area next!  

Maureen Hess I-Story
I am often asked why I chose MK as a business opportunity so I’d like to take a moment to share with you why I started my Mary Kay business.
My name is Maureen Hess and I have been building my MK business for just shy of one year. I am have been married to my best friend, and love of my life for 3 years.  We have one very big fur baby who thinks he is a lap dog (he is not!), and we also recently found out that we are expecting our first child! 
Prior to MK I was going through a very stressful, and scary transition in my life.  You see, my husband and I put a bid in for our first home.  We were so incredibly excited when we found out we had won the bid and the home was ours!  However, that very same week, due to extreme circumstances, I decided to walk away from my teaching contract, with no other job lined up.  My husband supported me in my decision and we worked together to figure out our finances with the new home. Over the next year I held some part time positions while continuing to look for another teaching contract; this did not prove to be as easy as I had anticipated!  As a result it came time where I HAD to find a full time job due to our finances.  So I became a City Carrier Assistant (aka mailman) for the United States Postal Service.  I was in this position for about a year when I was introduced to MK.  I continued in this position for another 6 months, having two days off a month, working 10-11 hour days, on top of a 45 min commute both ways.  Needless to say I didn’t get to see much of my husband over that year and a half, and wasn’t able to work my MK business like I wanted to.  So I decided I needed to change!  I knew that if I had just a little extra time free in my day I would be able to work my MK business and climb that success ladder!  Now a fire was lit, and I was determined!  I resigned from USPS and took up a job with Re/Max: Steady hours, with nights and weekends free.  It was my time to run with my business and not look back!
I was introduced to MK by my director, Caitlin Griffo.  She and I attended college together and happened to be friends on Facebook.  One day, many years later, she had sent me a message asking if she could “borrow my face” and give me a makeover.  I agreed and I fell in love with the products!  Caitlin also shared some Business information with me about the Company and what it could do for me and my family with our busy life style. I loved the opportunity for a 50% commission and the 50% discount! So I thought to myself, “If I do this part time, this will be at least a little extra income for me and Chris”.  I was excited and amazed what the Business had to offer, but I did have some fears, like could I really do this? And where would I find customers? I found comfort with MK’s No Risk try it and see opportunity, as well as their 90% buy back agreement. I had nothing to lose and so much to possibly gain I knew I had only one way to find out! So I signed up that day, and the rest is history!
I am so glad I decided to sign up that day and didn’t let my fears stand in the way of my promising future in MK.  I was amazed how simple it was to get started and make money with MK.  I also didn’t realize, but am incredibly grateful for, the amazing, inspirational, and motivating woman that I have come in contact with throughout the MK company.  Many of these women I now consider sisters and extended family members.
MK is an amazing support system which inspires me to dream big, set big goals, and motivates me to achieving those goals and not let my fears stand in my way.  Where there is a will there is way!  And the women in the MK business are willing to help me and want me to succeed! But, besides the wonderful income potential, MK has an abundance of awards, beautiful prizes like gorgeous jewelry, home furnishings, free cars, trips, etc.and who doesn’t enjoy prizes or gifts?! All of it is great but, it really is the in tangibles that are most important to me like personal growth, valued friendships, being my own boss, and the possibility to be a stay-at-home mom while making a full time income and being able to be there for the arguably most important first years our Childs’ life!
Since switching jobs, only four months ago, I have become a Senior consultant, Star Team Builder, and earned my Red Jacket.  I have started to build an amazing team with incredible women who have the same drive and determination that I do, and who see the potential that MK has to offer!  I am excited to become on target for a free car, and become a Director!  Once I am a director I will be able to walk away from my day job and follow my MK career full time allowing me to be that stay-at-home mom!  Plus I look good in purple!

Susan Fidler I-Story
Hi! My name is Susan Fidler. I am married to Matthew Fidler, the man of my dreams, for almost 4 years. I began my Mary Kay Journey in the Fall of 2012. I've always loved the products so naturally, I thought "well, I might as well get the 50% off." I enjoyed the extra money I could make here and there by holding skin care classes too. At that time I was working full time as a Registered Nurse so I worked my Mary Kay business casually. Life got busy and my Mary Kay business dwindled and feeling discouraged and frustrated I started packing up my inventory to ship it back.

In September of 2014, God blessed us with the birth of our healthy baby girl, Adilee, who is 11 months today. After her birth, I realized I didn't want to work full time, miss holidays with her or risk missing any of her firsts. Deep down, I knew Mary Kay offered what I was looking for and more. I knew if I gave my Mary Kay Business more effort, more time, and was consistent I would see results. In January of 2015, I 'restarted' my Mary Kay Business, had the opportunity to bless women with the Mary Kay Opportunity and earned my Red Jacket!

I am so thankful for the new friendships I've made through Mary Kay. It is a joy to work with women who are positive, encouraging and inspiring! I'm so thankful I gave my Mary Kay Business a second chance & am excited to continue my Mary Kay Journey placing God first, family second, and career third.
 Jen Wolfe I-Story
Hi my name is Jen and Mary Kay has been my fulltime career for about 5 months now! Over the last year and a half I have experienced all sorts of changes in my life so when Sarah first offered me a makeover I never expected what all it could turn into! About a week after our appointment she shared the amazing opportunity with me and introduced me to Meg. I was simply blown away by everything they said and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I had spent most of my life working for others who didn't appreciate me and putting everyone else's wants and needs before my own. That day I decided that it was time to put ME FIRST and work towards everything that I have ever dreamed of!
I joined Mary Kay in February 2015 and I couldn't be happier! I am in business for myself but not by myself - stands true as I continue to be supported and inspired by amazing women each step of the way! I am so blessed and honored to be a part of such an amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to every new beginning to come with these beautiful women by my side! I have many goals and dreams in my sights and I know that through the guidance and support of my Mary Kay Sisters, family, friends, and God I can achieve everything I set out to!
 Amy Prestifilippo's I-Story
My name is Amy Prestifilippo and I have been building my business with MK for approximately 4 months. In addition to the blessing of my Mary Kay business, I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband and 5 children ranging in age from 20 to 25. I have lived in many different cities including Dallas, Houston, Nashville and Charlotte. When I moved to Philadelphia I was not able to continue my profession as an elementary school teacher due to the declining job market. I returned to school and now work as a Nurse Manager at a bustling Family Practice office. I am continuing to struggle to replace my entire income from my career transition, so I have been considering part time or career change options. I was first introduced to Mary Kay by a good friend because I watched her supporting herself with Mary Kay exclusively and living a much more flexible life than I am able to live. It is my goal to continue to build my business and make new lifelong friendships while improving my customer's self-esteem and sharing the Mary Kay opportunity.
Joanna Gambill's I-Story
Hi, my name is Joanna Gambill. I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children ages 10,12 and 13. I work 3-4 days a week as a RN. I became a consultant because my girls needed a good skin care routine and I knew I needed to lead by example and as a consultant products became more within my budget. When at my first party I had two girls sign as consultants and at my next party had two more sign, I suddenly realized this could be much more than a way to receive great products at a great price. In the past two months of being a consultant I have loved the flexibility and all the wonderful women I have met. Mary Kay has already started to change my personality for the better.
Kristin Burkholder's I-Story
I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I started my Mary Kay business almost 5 years ago after graduating from Architecture school in Philadelphia. My initial goal for starting was to be able to use my MK money towards student loans. Now the thing I LOVE about Mary Kay is that it flexes with life. I got an architecture job, moved to a town I had never heard of before; moved again; started dating an old college friend; got engaged; laid off from my job; moved again; got married and got pregnant all within 17 months! My MK biz was there all along, I just needed to pick it back up and DO something with it. Now, I'm able to stay at home with my son and work Mary Kay into our lives so that I can earn that extra money that my family needs to save & buy a house. I'm SO grateful for this opportunity and I'm excited to share it with others! It is my goal to move into a leadership role and train other women in the Williamsport area to do what I do!
Juliann Appleby's I-Story
Hi! My name is Juliann Appleby.  I am married to a supportive and amazing husband, Rik Appleby for almost 8 years.  We have been blessed with three (and soon to be four) precious children: Kaylee (5), Colton (3), and Kloey (1).  I am a very busy woman, but have found that I always succeed the most when I am pushing myself to the limits.  I started my Mary Kay business at the very end of October 2014.  I am a first grade teacher and love my job, but always had an entrepreneurial spirit. 

I met Megan when she and her husband built their house in our neighborhood.  She kindly left a note on my front door one day wondering where we got our mirrors and left her number.  I later invited her up and we became friends.  Meg shared her Mary Kay experience with me and since I had been a user of Mary Kay products since I was 15, I was intrigued.  I was interested in the 50% discount for myself and my family, who are all avid users of Mary Kay.  After talking things over with my husband and wondering how I would manage my job and family with something else added to my plate, he reminded me of my entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged me.  He promised his support and here I am 4 months later, a Red Jacket and on target for my Chevy Cruze!  The girlfriend time and learning how to better care for my skin has been amazing for my self-esteem.  I am so excited to see what God has planned for me in the amazing journey.